Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, July 20th

  1. Eric Lippert: Should C# warn on null dereference?
  2. Dave Isbitski: Where is the suspend, resume and terminate toolbar in Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate?
  3. Surf4Fun Game Design: Database using LightSwitch
  4. Cagri Aslan: Visual Studio Race Detection for C++ AMP
  5. Scott Guthrie: Entity Framework and Open Source
  6. Surf4Fun Game Design: Using PowerPoint with TFS to do storyboards, Part 1
  7. Gianugo Rabellino: More of Microsoft’s App Development Tools Goes Open Source
  8. Channel 9: A Deep Dive in Expression Blend for Windows 8 Metro Apps
  9. John Miller: Getting started with Windows Azure Web Sites
  10. Visual Studio FSharp Team: More About F# 3.0 Language Features


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