Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, July 12th

  1. Rob Margel: Programming Windows 8 Apps, Free ebook from Microsoft Press
  2. Buck Woody: In the Cloud, Everything Costs Money
  3. Eric Lippert: When is a cast not a cast?
  4. Tim Huckaby: Building Real-World Kinect Applications
  5. Bruno Terkaly: Why Platform as a Service will rule the world
  6. Windows Dev Center: Getting started with Metro style apps
  7. Steven Sinofsky: Protecting user files with File History
  8. David Rousset: Using the Windows 8 Simulator & VS 2012 to debug the IE10 touch events & your responsive design
  9. Eric Erhardt: Concurrency Enhancements in Visual Studio LightSwitch 2012
  10. Jim Hogg: Auto-Vectorizer in Visual Studio 11 – Cookbook


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  1. says:

    Can some tell me why my laptop is denying me access to a server agent from Actel-Lucent.they are slowing me down.

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