Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, July 6th

  1. Scott Hanselman: FormsAuthentication on ASP.NET sites with the Google Chrome Browser on iOS
  2. Andrea Boschin: Windows 8 Metro: Improve GridView and ListView with SemanticZoom and Incremental Loading
  3. Ron Jacobs: Three Simple Rules for Better Debugging with WorkflowApplication
  4. MS MVP, Bradley: Microsoft says next stop is the cloud
  5. Don Syme: Getting Started with Math.NET and F# Programming
  6. Channel 9: Visual Studio Toolbox: Interview with Billy Hollis
  7. TechEd 2012 Europe on Channel 9: Meet the New Windows Azure
  8. Dustin Campbell: Roslyn - Live at TechEd Europe 2012
  9. Daniel Moth: Matrix Multiplication with C++ AMP
  10. Michael Crump: Recording of Webinar '10 Things Silverlight Developers Should Know About Windows 8'


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