Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, June 28th

  1. Don Syme: Some more .NET/C# Generics Research Project History
  2. Alan Berman: Understanding a Simple Async Program
  3. Bruce Kyle: Enterprise Features for Windows Phone 8 Build on Windows 8 Core
  4. Windows 8 Team: Best practices when adding single sign-on to your app with the Live SDK
  5. Jim Hogg: Auto-Vectorizer in Visual Studio 11 – How Much Faster?
  6. Surf4Fun: HTML 5 Metro Game Design: Adding an App Bar to the Memory Game
  7. Channel 9: Episode 41 of Visual Studio Toolbox: Interviews with Jay Schmelzer and John Papa is now live
  8. Brian Swan: Windows Azure Websites, Web Roles, and VMs: When to use which?
  9. LightSwitch Help Website: First Look At The LightSwitch HTML Client (Preview Version)
  10. BlendInsider: Introducing the Blend Class Attribute Editor for HTML


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