Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, June 20th

  1. Beth Massi: LightSwitch HTML Client Resources – Countdown to the preview release!
  2. Joe Binder: Creating Screens with the LightSwitch HTML Client
  3. Visual Studio Tips and Tricks: Visual Studio 2012 New Features: Preview Tab
  4. Allen Mathias: Visual Studio 2012 RC – What’s new in Code Coverage
  5. Kathleen Anderson: Working with Code Snippets in Microsoft Expression Web 4 SP2
  6. Channel 9: Jim Radigan - Inside Auto-Vectorization [Visual C++ 2012]
  7. Ron Grzywacz: Visual Studio 2012 enhancements for SP2010 Development
  8. Jim O'Neil: Couchbase on Azure: Installing Couchbase 
  9. Vittorio Bertocci: Windows Identity Foundation Tools for Visual Studio 2012 RC
  10. Jennifer Marsman: Developing a Windows 8 Metro App Part 2: Getting Started


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  1. Biztag says:

    Thanks Rob, keep my eye out…, for your top 10! *biztag

  2. Veerendrakumar.balla says:

    it would be nice to if you mention the technology category also beside the link. For example Vittorio – WIF…

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