Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, June 19th

  1. Jennifer Marsman: Developing a Windows 8 Metro App Part 1: Why Would You Want to Develop a Metro Application for Windows 8?
  2. Jon Galloway: "Learning To Love HTML and CSS (for grumpy developers)" Presentation From NDC 2012
  3. Mark Russinovich: Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks | TechEd North America 2012
  4. Jim O'Neil: Couchbase on Azure: Creating a Virtual Network
  5. Jim O'Neil: Couchbase on Azure: Creating Virtual Machines
  6. Jim O'Neil: Couchbase on Azure: A Tour of New Windows Azure Features
  7. Peter Galli: Interoperability Goodness at TechEd 2012
  8. Frank La Vigne: Adventures in Windows 8: Blog Posts on Windows 8 Metro App Development
  9. Don Syme: The F# Survival Guide (archived edition)
  10. Bruno Terkaly: Linux on Azure: Up and running in a few minutes

Also, be sure to check out Microsoft Surface. Like.


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