Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, May 22nd

  1. Steven Sinofsky: Enhancing Windows 8 for multiple monitors
  2. Scott Hanselman: ASP.NET MVC Beta and RC Upgrades - Confirm your Expectations and Version Numbers in Production Environments
  3. Jim Blizzard: Porting a simple Silverlight game loop to Windows 8 Metro style
  4. Angelina Gambo and Hamid Mahmood: Fast and fluid animations in your Metro style app
  5. Jerry Nixon: Windows 8: Top 10 Reasons why Metro development smokes Windows Desktop development
  6. Rachel Appel: Get started with Windows 8 Metro style app development using JavaScript and HTML5
  7. Kevin Woley: Creating a great tile experience (part 1)
  8. Hari Pulapaka: Being productive when your app is offscreen
  9. Justin Cooperman: Creating a fast and fluid app launch experience
  10. Bruce Kyle: Getting Started on Line-of-Business HTML5 App -- Part 1 Starting Up With New Semantic Tags

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