Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, May 21st

  1. Tim Heuer: Using SQLite in a Metro style app
  2. Andrea Boschin: Windows 8 Metro: Something about application lifecycle
  3. Brian Harry: Progress on CodePlex pull requests
  4. Laura_ADM: An Introduction to ALM - Architecture
  5. Ashraf Abdulhadi: Hands On: LinkedIn Windows Phone App Better Than iOS, Android Versions
  6. Michael S. Kaplan: There's no "I" in IDN, part 13: Desktop and Managed and Metro; oh my!
  7. The Official Microsoft Blog: Microsoft is Imagining a NUI future
  8. The Code Project: Hacking for fun: porting a Silverlight Windows Phone app to WinRT in 9hours
  9. Brian T. Hitney: Getting an App in the Windows Store: What, Why, and How
  10. Daniel Moth: Libraries for C++ AMP

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