Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, May 10th

  1. Jason Zander: My Favorite Features: Improved Tooling in Visual Studio 11 for JavaScript Developers
  2. Channel 9: AlignIT Manager Tech Talk: Episode 11 - Making the Case: Development Platform vNext
  3. Matt Harrington: How to get your app into the Windows Store
  4. MSDN Blogs: Announcing Portable Library Tools 2 Beta for Visual Studio 2010
  5. Lee Stott: Small Basic – A great tool for introducing programming
  6. Dr. Z's Blog: Embracing Cloud Computing Power in your Next Generation Applications
  7. Wriju Ghosh: Visual Studio 11 : SQL Management Studio like view
  8. MSDN Blogs: HTML 5 and JavaScript: MathJax not jsMath, game idea - Building games based on Silverlight and Expressions
  9. Wriju Ghosh: Visual Studio 11 Updates through Extension Manager
  10. Giles Davies: Agile Software Engineering with Visual Studio & TFS: Downloadable Course

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