Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, April 19th

  1. Jon Galloway: ASP.NET MVC Authentication - Global Authentication and Allow Anonymous
  2. Visual Studio Toolbox: Blend and HTML-flavored Metro Style Apps
  3. LightSwitch Help Website: Shape Your LightSwitch OData Using WCF RIA Services
  4. Robert Hess: Application Compatibility: The Inside Scoop
  5. Eric Lippert: null is not false, part three
  6. TFS Radio: Episode 41 is now available
  7. Kevin Michael Woley: Creating a great tile experience (part 2)
  8. Visual C++ Team Blog: Target Windows XP in Visual Studio 11 Beta using the Visual Studio 2010 compiler and libraries
  9. Zhu, Weirong: Writing to Textures in C++ AMP
  10. MSDN Blogs: Building a website for your game company

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Visual Studio 11 Beta


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