Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, April 18th

  1. Beth Massi: LightSwitch Companion Client Examples using OData
  2. Susan Ibach: If I can build a Windows Phone app anyone can! Extra controls for free!
  3. Hosam Kamel: Developing PHP Project using Expression Web and TFS as SourceControl
  4. Michael Simons: Filtering Data using Entity Set Filters
  5. David Rousset: Modernizing your HTML5 Canvas games Part 2: Offline API, Drag’n’drop & File API 
  6. Buck Woody: I was going to call this post “Windows Azure Best Practices” but I’m not allowed to
  7. Scott Hanselman: Given I like reading Source Code by the fire with my smoking jacket and brandy snifter, a list of books
  8. Don Syme: Force-Directed Graph Layout in HTML5 with F# and WebSharper
  9. Carl Nolan: More Hadoop+F# Goodness
  10. Brandon Bray: .NET for Metro style apps

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