Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, April 17th

  1. John Papa: Using JsRender with JavaScript and HTML
  2. Peter Vogel: Lowering the Barriers to Code Generation with T4
  3. Dustin Campbell: Going Deeper with Project Roslyn: Exposing the C# and VB compiler’s code analysis
  4. Rick Barraza: A Deeper Dive into the Page Flip in Canvas/HTML5
  5. MSDN Blogs: Game design using WinRT and C++: Part 1 of an infinite series or less
  6. Lee Stott: Microsoft announces Open Technologies, Inc.
  7. Matt Harrington: How to share your Metro style Windows 8 app with another developer
  8. Tommy Lee: The Curious Process of Web Standards
  9. Daniel Moth: Screencasts on C++ AMP
  10. Developers’ Must-have:  The new Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser and 3500+ samples

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