Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, April 6th

  1. Scott Hanselman: Hidden Gems in Visual Studio 11 Beta - .NET Portable Class Libraries
  2. Ian Huff: IntelliTrace Web Requests
  3. Larry Lieberman: Windows 8 and the Windows Phone SDK, pt. 2
  4. Visual Studio Toolbox: Building Metro Style Apps with XAML
  5. Doris Chen: Windows 8 Cheat Sheet: Get Started Easily!
  6. Channel 9: Countdown to TechEd North America 2012: 20 Years of TechEd
  7. Martin Odersky: Reflection and Compilers
  8. Oscar Andres Guerrero Jaimes: Tips and gotchas for Windows Phone: Road Trip Runner
  9. Dave Tepper: Tackling performance killers: Common performance problems with Metro style apps
  10. Olivier Bloch: to help developers write cross-browser code

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