Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, March 19th

  1. Jon Galloway: ASP.NET Web API - Screencast series
  2. Esther Fan: Running IntelliTrace on Applications in Production
  3. Expression Blend Insider: Authoring XAML-based Metro style apps in Blend Beta
  4. This Week on Channel 9: Windows 8 and Azure, Rx v2, Metro Advertising SDK, Portable libs and more
  5. RubelS: Visual Studio 11 Beta - Changes in Web Performance Test / Load Test Workflow
  6. Maureen Mansour: What's New in Visual Studio 11...
  7. David Rousset: HTML5 Gaming: animating sprites in Canvas with EaselJS
  8. Fernando García Loera: Building Hybrid Applications in the Cloud on Windows Azure
  9. MSDN Blogs: Free DirectX Game Design: View to a Killer App
  10. Yi-Lun Luo: Windows 8 Graphics - Fun with gradients

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