Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, March 16th

  1. Jean-Marc Prieur: The Code Index SDK - Part 2 – Bulk indexing assemblies into the code index
  2. Brian Keller: Visual Studio 11 Beta ALM DemoMates now available
  3. Matt Thalman: Using the SecurityData service in LightSwitch
  4. MSDN Blogs: VS11 Beta JavaScript Feature comparison with VS2010sp1
  5. MSDN Blogs: Metro design, Windows 8, XAML and C++
  6. Matt Harrington: Windows 8 Resources for JavaScript and HTML5 developers
  7. Oscar Andres Guerrero Jaimes: Things to Remember for Making a "Good" App
  8. Inside TFS: A Primer on Microsoft Build Automation
  9. Keith Ward: Microsoft Coding Languages Continue to be Popular
  10. Tobin Titus: Spring into St. Patrick’s Day with HTML5

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