Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, March 13th

  1. Jason Zander: Visual Studio 11 Beta Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  2. Visual Studio Blog: Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance Part #2
  3. Sam Zaiss: Feedback Opportunity: Command Complexity in Visual Studio
  4. Channel 9: Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance: Solution Loading Early Prototype
  5. Channel 9: Channel9/Coding 4 Fun On Discovery’s Inside West Coast Customs!
  6. Brady Gaster: Web Developer Efficiency Tools in Visual Studio 11
  7. Windows 8 Team: Migrating your apps from Developer Preview to Consumer Preview
  8. This Week in Software Testing: #85 - Testing in Production, Part I
  9. Buck Hodges: Running only impacted tests in TFS 2010 Build
  10. Jason Prickett: Team Foundation Server 11 Beta – Team Explorer (a new way to get things done)

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