Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, March 6th

  1. Visual Studio Blog: Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance Part #1
  2. Esther Fan: Visualizing Code with Visual Studio 11 Beta
  3. LightSwitch Team: LightSwitch Team Chats with MVPs about Visual Studio 11 Beta
  4. Dave Froslie: TFS Express – now a reality!
  5. Peter Provost: Visual Studio 11 Beta - Unit Testing Plugins List
  6. Tess Fernandez: Bizzy Bees Full XNA Walkthrough
  7. Beth Massi: Enhance Your LightSwitch Applications with OData
  8. IEBlog: Adding Personality with CSS3 Transitions and Animations
  9. MSDN Video: How Do I: Use the WebMatrix App Gallery?
  10. Gill Cleeren: Recording of Webinar 'Windows Phone 7.5 Background Workers'

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