Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, March 5th

  1. Mathew Aniyan: Visual Studio 11 Beta - What is new in Coded UI Test?
  2. SharePoint Developer Team: SharePoint Developer Tools in Visual Studio 11 – Part I: What’s New in SharePoint Developer Tools for Visual Studio 11 Beta
  3. Tapas: Handling playback failures in Coded UI Test due to stale UI controls
  4. MSDN Blogs: New time saving features for Web projects in Visual Studio 11 Beta
  5. Channel 9: This Week on Channel 9: Win8, VS11, Metro, Windows Phone SDK v7.1.1, TouchDevelop and more
  6. MSDN Blogs: Blend 5 and Visual Studio 11: Awesome
  7. Aseem Bansal: Upgrading VS from developer preview build to VS 11 beta
  8. Bruce Kyle: Get Visual Studio 11 ALM Virtual Machines, Hands-on-Labs, Demos
  9. Karimka: Web 3.0 Picking a Development platform
  10. LightSwitch Team: LightSwitch Filter Control For Visual Studio 11 Beta

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