Top 15 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, March 2nd

Go download Visual Studio 11 Beta! All the cool kids are doing it. Smile

  1. Pam Keesey: Build HTML Metro style apps with Blend for Visual Studio 11 Beta
  2. Peter Provost: Visual Studio 11 Beta - Unit Testing Plugins List
  3. Eric Vogel: The Strategy Pattern in .NET
  4. Daniel Moth: External C++ AMP coverage
  5. Stephen Toub: What’s New for Parallelism in .NET 4.5 Beta
  6. Brandon Satrom: Getting Started with HTML5
  7. LightSwitch Help Website: Using WCF RIA Services With LightSwitch 11
  8. Channel 9: Energy Efficient Cloud Computing for Developers
  9. Giles Davies: Dealing with conflicts in TFS work items using the Excel integration
  10. Carlos Figueira: Disabling model binding on ASP.NET Web APIs Beta
  11. Martin Beeby: Responsive web design in 3 minutes 42 seconds
  12. MSDN Blogs: Metro Design: WP7 & preparing for that OS that can’t be named, yet
  13. Dave the SharePoint Engineer: More training courses than you can shake a stick at
  14. LightSwitch Help Website: Calling Your Custom WCF RIA Services Using OData
  15. Doris Chen: Introduction To HTML5: Dive into HTML5

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  1. Jean says:

    Just to let you know what you're doing is really good. Please continue the good work !

    and thanks for sharing all these links 🙂

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