Top 15 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, February 29th

  1. S. Somasegar: Visual Studio 11 Beta and .NET 4.5 Beta Available Now!
  2. Jason Zander: Welcome to the Beta of Visual Studio 11 and .NET Framework 4.5
  3. Visual Studio 11 Beta Downloads: Includes Visual Studio 11 Beta, Team Foundation Server 11 Beta, and .NET Framework 4.5 Beta
  4. Beth Massi: Happy to announce the release of Microsoft® Visual Studio® 11 Beta! This release also includes the next version of LightSwitch
  5. Windows 8 Experience Blog:  Introducing Windows 8 Consumer Preview
  6. Channel 9: Visual Studio Toolbox: Visual Studio 11 Beta with Jason Zander
  7. Jensen Harris: Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo
  8. LightSwitch Team: Announcing LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11 Beta!
  9. VBTeam Blog: Visual Basic 11 Beta Available for Download!
  10. Visual Studio FSharp Team: Introducing Visual F# 3.0 Beta!
  11. Willy-P Schaub, ALM Rangers: Welcome to Visual Studio 11 ALM Rangers Readiness Beta “Wave”
  12. Building Windows 8 Blog: Welcome to Windows 8 – The Consumer Preview
  13. Steven Sinofsky: Running the Consumer Preview: system recommendations
  14. Blend Insider: Visual Authoring for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Blend and Visual Studio
  15. Eric Lippert: The C# 5.0 beta release is now available

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Learn more about Visual Studio 11 Beta


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