Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, February 22nd

  1. Peter Vogel: Construct XAML Forms at Runtime with Resource Files
  2. Keith Ward: Choosing the Best .NET Platform
  3. Eric Lippert: Generating Random Non-Uniform Data In C#
  4. Beth Massi: Trip Report–TechDays 2012 Netherlands
  5. Tim Heuer: Shrinking your Subtext database [a lesson in database maintenance]
  6. Daniel Moth: C++ AMP Overview
  7. Steve Deitz: Projections in C++ AMP
  8. Channel 9: Inside Windows Phone #32 | Microsoft Developer Carlo Rivera on Making Money
  9. MSDN Blogs: Phone developers should use the cloud
  10. Alan Hakimi: The Evolution of the Modern Enterprise Architect

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