Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, February 21st

  1. Rachel Appel: Build Mobile-Friendly HTML5 Forms with ASP.NET MVC 4 and jQuery Mobile
  2. Scott Hanselman: Getting Started with the Next Version of ASP.NET
  3. MSDN Blogs: HTML5 History in IE10
  4. Andrew Duthie: Exploring HTML5 Canvas: Part 4 - Transformations
  5. MSDN Developer Center: HTML & DHTML Overview and Tutorial
  6. LightSwitch Help Website: Integrating LightSwitch Into An ASPNET Application To Provide Single Sign On
  7. SURVEY: C++11 Language Improvements - Which features do you think are more urgent for your needs?
  8. MSDN Magazine: Asynchronous Programming in C++ Using PPL
  9. Michael McLaughlin: C# to C++ - A Somewhat Short Guide
  10. Daniel Moth: C++ AMP open spec published

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