Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, February 16th

  1. Visual Studio Magazine: Supporting Updates with jQuery Data Linking
  2. Eric Vogel: Building a Windows 8 Metro App, Part 3: Putting it Together
  3. Joe Kunk: Selling Data in the Windows Azure Marketplace
  4. Daniel Egan: Phone Gap Tutorial #1- Getting Started
  5. Bruno Terkaly: Download the free book: Building Hybrid Applications in the Cloud
  6. GigaOM: Don’t look now but Microsoft Azure is a kick-butt cloud
  7. MSDN Blogs: Camels, XAML and Silverlight is dead? Long live Silverlight 5!
  8. Jerry Nixon: WP7 Sample: A GPS-enabled Phone App in 5 minutes!
  9. Frédéric Harper: What the heck is Responsive Web Design?
  10. Visual Studio Design Research Team: Help Us Make Improvements

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