Top 11 Developer Links for Tuesday, February 14th

  1. Kevin Dockx: Developing for a multitude of clients-Strategies for code reuse and keeping costs in check, Part2
  2. Peter Vogel: Using Dynamic Classes to Pass Data
  3. Eric Lippert: Bad Metaphors
  4. Daniel Egan: WP7 Rest … The Easy Way
  5. Jerry Nixon: WP7 Sample: A Microphone-enabled Phone App in 5 Minutes!
  6. Arian Kulp: Let your apps sell themselves!
  7. Mike Taulty: Windows 8 – Submitting your Apps
  8. Eric Ligman: Updates coming to Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) – An improved MSDN subscription administration experience
  9. Channel 9: GoingNative 2012 sessions available for streaming
  10. MSDN Blogs: Expression Design produces files for HTML 5!? This is just crazy talk
  11. Brian Keller: Fix for Visual Studio 11 ALM Developer Preview Virtual Machine

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