Top 11 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, February 10th

  1. Channel 9 Interactive Panel: The Importance of Being Native
  2. GoingNative on Channel 9: Wonderful sessions on C++11
  3. Peter Heldens: Creating Scripts with TouchDevelop
  4. Brian Swan: Deploying PHP and ASP.NET Sites in a Single Azure Web Role
  5. Andy Zeigler: High performance HTML5 content in Metro-style Apps
  6. Alice Pang: HTML5 made easy with HTML5 Cheat Sheets for tags, event handler attributes, and browser support
  7. Michele Hart: Wiki launched for Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure
  8. Jerry Nixon: Mango Sample: Give your app the Finger!
  9. Radio TFS: Yes We Kanban
  10. Willy-P Schaub: Visual Studio ALM Rangers Transparency – Clarifying the processes: Release (Part 3)
  11. Dan Fernandez: [Kinect] Skeletal Tracking Fundamentals

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