Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, February 7th

  1. Alan Berman: Start Coding for the Kinect
  2. Peter Vogel: ASP.NET - Empowering Your Master Pages
  3. Keith Ward: Proof of Unit Testing's Time Savings
  4. Morten Nielsen: Why Custom Controls are underrated
  5. Eric Lippert: What is "binding" and what makes it late?
  6. Hans Boehm: Threads and Shared Variables in C++11
  7. MSDN Blogs: Speech Recognition using Visual Studio: Determining the BNA
  8. Brian Rasmussen: Implementing a Code Action using Roslyn
  9. Martin Beeby: Why Don't you need to close tags in HTML5?
  10. Pat Brenner: Reducing the Size of Statically-linked MFC Applications in VC11

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