Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, February 1st

  1. Practical.NET: Creating the Perfect ASP.NET UI with Web Parts and User Controls
  2. John Papa: 2 Great JavaScript Data-Binding Libraries
  3. Julie Lerman: Making Do with Absent Foreign Keys
  4. Pratap Lakshman: Memory Profiling for Application Performance
  5. Windows Phone Blog: [Special Edition] It's Kinect day! The Kinect For Windows SDK v1 is out!
  6. MSDN Blogs: Guidelines on improving performance of Coded UI Test playback
  7. New MSDN topic: Coded UI Extension for custom controls
  8. Visual Studio Toolbox: Web Essentials and CSSCop
  9. Buck Hodges: Listing the work items associated with changesets for a path
  10. Microsoft Visual Studio UK Team: An introduction to Agile development with Team Foundation Server: TFS Support for Agile practices

Happy 2112 Day, Rush fans!

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