Top 11 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, January 24th

  1. Rachel Appel: Getting Started with Mobile Web Development Using HTML5, jQuery Mobile, and ASP.NET MVC 4
  2. Devhammer's Den: Exploring HTML5 Canvas
  3. IEBlog: Building Offline Experiences with HTML5 AppCache and IndexedDB
  4. Microsoft Events: A Lap Around HTML5: Game Development
  5. Word Press: Lessons in Windows API Programming I - Tools Need
  6. Scott Hanselman: Skip Intro - CSS3 is the new Flash
  7. Martin Beeby: Using HTML5 to Jump to the search box using autofocus
  8. Alan Berman: Using Async for File Access
  9. Maxime Rouiller: Javascript and CSS Minifying/Bundling with the Microsoft.Web.Optimization Nuget package
  10. Paul Laberge: Winning on the Marketplace: Where in the world are you publishing?
  11. Willy-P Schaub: New version of Skype and Messenger providers … Nico Orschel was busy over Christmas 🙂

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