Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, January 23rd

  1. Visual Studio Magazine: Entity Framework 4.3 Gets Final Tune-Up -- Enum Support Promised in 5.0
  2. Pete Brown: Threading Considerations for Binding and Change Notification in Silverlight 5
  3. Shawn Cicoria: Making Windows Azure Drive Letter Persistent
  4. Carl Nolan: Hadoop XML Streaming and F# MapReduce
  5. Girish Pillai: TFS 2010 – Application Tier Version Control Cache Configuration details
  6. David Szabo: The golden recipé for a successful Software-as-a-Service/Cloud Business
  7. Martin Beeby: Using HTML5 to Jump to the search box using autofocus
  8. Don Syme: F#, WebSharper, JavaScript, HTML5, Mobile etc.
  9. Ronnie Hoogerwerf: Microsoft Releases Local, Distributed and Cloud Numerics Library, with F# Samples
  10. This Week on Channel 9: Snowpocalypse, VS Achievements, 101 Async samples, & more

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