Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, January 18th

  1. Jason Zander: January 17th What’s Happening Around Visual Studio
  2. Jon Galloway: 10 Things ASP.NET Developers Should Know About Web.config Inheritance and Overrides
  3. Steve Deitz: C++ AMP: It's got character, but no char!
  4. Bharath Nanjundappa: Histogram using C++ AMP
  5. Martin Beeby: So many devices, so little time
  6. Raymond Chen: Don't try to allocate memory until there is only x% free
  7. Morten Neilsen: Building A Multi-Touch Photo Viewer Control
  8. Robert Green on Channel 9: Visual Studio Toolbox: Visual Studio Achievements
  9. LightSwitch Help Website: Using the ComponentOne Excel for Silverlight Control with LightSwitch
  10. LightSwitch Team: Many-to-Many Control Released!

FYI – the Visual Studio LightSwitch Introductory Offer (33% off) ends in less than two weeks – January 31, 2012.

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Comments (2)

  1. adefwebserver says:

    Thanks for the mention on my LightSwitch article! (the second one this week, I feel honored)

  2. Jon Galloway says:

    Thanks for the mention on the web.config post. Glad people have found it helpful!

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