Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, January 16th

  1. ALM Summit 2011: Using Visual Studio 11 and Scrum to Plan and Track Software Development with Richard Hundhausen
  2. This Week on Channel 9: New Team Members, Win8, C++, SQL 2012, Cloud Numerics
  3. Visual Studio Magazine: ASP.NET: Integrating Search and Help with Cross-Page Posting
  4. Jason Prickett: TFS 2010 - Using a TypeConverter to display your custom Process Parameter list type
  5. Sagar Joshi: Debugging a crash due to heavy floating point operations
  6. Paul Laberge: Making users awesome in the moment
  7. Eric Lippert: What is the defining characteristic of a local variable?
  8. Aaron Stebner: Command line switches for .NET Framework 4 setup that you might not have known about
  9. Paul Laberge: My app has principles – understanding the Metro design principles
  10. Syam Pinnaka: .Net : Asynchronous Programming Techniques – Part II

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