Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, January 11th

  1. ALM Summit '11 Session Recording: Continuous Delivery with Jez Humble
  2. Silverlight Show: 10 Laps around Silverlight 5 by Michael Crump
  3. Silverlight Show Webinar: Windows Phone 7.5 Background Workers presented by Gill Cleeren
  4. Brandon Satrom: Building HTML5 Applications: Using HTML5 Canvas for Data Visualization
  5. MSDN Webcast: Cloud + Mobile Game Scenario - Build Rock Paper Azure on Windows Phone
  6. Igor Ostrovsky: How to Use C++ AMP from C# Using WinRT
  7. Kenny Kerr: Windows with C++: Thread Pool Timers and I/O
  8. MSDN Video: Bytes by MSDN Interview on Visual Studio 11 with Cameron Skinner
  9. Robert Green: Visual Studio Toolbox: Entity Framework Part 1
  10. Going Native 5: Inside the Visual C++ IDE, Meet Raul Pérez

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