Top 9 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, December 30th

  1. ALM Summit 2011: Managing the Agile Process with Aaron Bjork
  2. Eric Lippert: Shadowcasting in C#, Part Six
  3. Raymond Chen: Using the MNS_DRAGDROP style: Dropping in
  4. Gautam Goenka: How To: Bulk edit action recording?
  5. Brian Group: The Benefits of an Architecture Review
  6. Matthew Manela: A Monadic Pratt Parser
  7. Charles Fu: Interoperability between Direct 3D and C++ AMP
  8. Charles Fu: Sample of 2D Triangle Rotation in C++ AMP
  9. Wired Enterprise: 11 Who Died in 2011 (And Were Not Named Steve)

Happy New Year! See you in 2012.

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