Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, December 16th

  1. Brian Harry: December 2011 TFS Power Tools Release
  2. S. Somasegar: Visual Studio 11 Platform Tooling Advances
  3. ALM Summit 2011: Sharing Data with Ward Cunningham
  4. Beth Massi: Beginning LightSwitch Part 4: Too much information! Sorting and Filtering Data with Queries
  5. Michael Crump for SilverlightShow: 10 Laps around Silverlight 5 (Part 10 of 10)
  6. Scott Hanselman: Link-bait Hacker Slash News Dot Considered Cancerous Request For Call To Action
  7. Raymond Chen: Programmatically controlling which handles are inherited by new processes in Win32
  8. Scott Guthrie: Keynote: Getting Started with Windows Azure
  9. Channel 9: How We Do Language Design at Microsoft (C#,Visual Basic,F#)
  10. More from Channel 9: Resources from the HTML5 and Windows Phone 7 Developer Camps

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