Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, December 15th

  1. ALM Summit 2011: Being Agile Across Technology Borders with Martin Woodward
  2. William D. Bartholomew: Updating Associated Changesets and Work Items without Updating Work Items
  3. Eric Lippert: Shadowcasting in C#, Part Two
  4. Ron Jacobs: Troubleshooting Silverlight, WorkflowServices, WCF and Behavior Extensions
  5. Visual Studio Toolbox on Channel 9: Performance Profiling with Robert Green
  6. Visual Studio Toolbox on Channel 9 rerun: Do you have the Web Standards Update for Visual Studio 2010 with HTML5 and CSS3 support? with Robert Green & Mads Kristensen
  7. SilverlightShow: Windows 8 XAML Metro Apps with OData - Part 2 with Samidip Basu
  8. Jon Galloway: NuGet PowerShell Downloader Update - Adding Failed Download Retries, Better Paging Support
  9. Raymond Chen: Not even making it to the airtight hatchway: Execution even before you get there
  10. J.D. Meier: Goals and Your New Year's Resolution

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