Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, December 14th

  1. ALM Summit 2011: Continuous Feedback with Justin Marks
  2. Beth Massi: Beginning LightSwitch Part 3: Screen Templates, Which One Do I Choose?
  3. Raymond Chen: What is the API for accessing content on SkyDrive?
  4. Windows Live Tester: Just because you can test it doesn’t mean you should
  5. Tapas Sahoo: Verifying WPF data bound item controls in Coded UI Test recording context
  6. Same Stokes: Oh crud, I turned in my app to app hub and all I got was: [NeutralResourceLangage] and no t-shirt
  7. Deva: Click to connect MSDN/TechNet forums from your desktop
  8. Jack Ma: Build agent cannot be removed due to problematic reserved build
  9. Scott Hanselman: Apps are too much like 1990's CD-ROMs and not enough like the Web
  10. Zain Naboulsi: Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Code Clone Detection (aka Code Clone Analysis)

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Comments (1)

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hi Rob! Great links!

    I would love to have your opinion on Codealike, a SaaS solution that will bring real-time collaboration in Visual Studio. Check: Thanks in advance!

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