Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, December 13th

  1. ALM Summit 2011: ALM Tools Vendor Panel with Thomas Grant, Cyndi Mitchell, John Weingard, Melinda Clover, and Sam Guckenheimer
  2. Maor David-Pur: Improved Developer Experience, Interoperability, and Scalability on Windows Azure
  3. Andrea Boschin: Use Background agents on Windows Phone 7
  4. Visual Studio Magazine, Practical .NET: Integrating DataViews with Multiple Cascading DropDown Lists by Peter Vogel
  5. Visual Studio Magazine, C# Corner: Roslyn CTP Code Analysis by Eric Vogel
  6. Visual Basic Team: New VB XNA Sample - showing Xbox, Windows and Phone targeting
  7. Anthony de Bruyn: Let’s explore Silverlight 5! on Channel 9
  8. Raymond Chen: How can I tell whether a window is modal?
  9. Łukasz Mendakiewicz: Passing pointers through C++ AMP
  10. Charles Sterling: Where to get the latest news on ALM topics?

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