Wake Up! It’s Time to Upgrade, Convert, Migrate, Move from VSS to TFS

When Windows 95 came out, my mobile phone was a single-purpose, transportable Panasonic EF-6151EA and Visual SourceSafe was my version control system (another single-purpose technology). Now I have what is fundamentally a computer in my pocket -  a Samsung Focus Windows Phone - and I use Team Foundation Server 2010 for version control, work item tracking, reporting, and more. What other single-purpose technologies are you still depending on from over 15 years ago?


If you’re still on Visual SourceSafe, you really need to upgrade, convert, migrate…whatever you want to call it…move from VSS to Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Visit Upgrade from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation Server to:

  • Watch a great video from Brian Harry, Microsoft Technical Fellow who created Visual SourceSafe in the early 90s at One Tree Software, and then later led the team that created its technological successor – Team Foundation Server
  • Download a white paper from Brian Harry that gives you more background and guidance on making the move, or watch a detailed, six-part instructional video series on Channel 9
  • Watch a compelling video from Steven Borg that explains why you should be making the move
  • Get links to the content you’ll need to do it yourself, or find a skilled partner you can hire to do the work for you
  • Learn about a special offer for Visual SourceSafe customers – you qualify for TFS at the upgrade price

If you’re still using Visual SourceSafe, you owe it to yourself to check out these resources today and wonder why you haven’t moved yet.

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Comments (1)

  1. Adam says:

    Is there a specific reason they should go with TFS rather than the myriad of other commercial and open- source source control options?

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