Top 11 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, November 11th

This list goes up to 11 for that extra push over the cliff. Enjoy!

  1. Video: Visual Studio 2010 can help you find more time for life outside of the IDE
  2. Channel 9: Visual Studio Toolbox – DevExpress CodeRush
  3. Test Case Management (TCM) Reporting - Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2
  4. Eric Lippert: A C# Reading List
  5. Bill Wagner: Async Programming in Visual Studio 2010
  6. Async Programming for C++ Developers: PPL Tasks and Windows 8
  7. Visual Studio 2010 Tip: Docking External Document Windows
  8. Peter Kuhn: Networking with Sockets in Windows Phone
  9. Go DevMENTAL: MVC Walkthrough – Part 1
  10. Beth Massi: Common Validation Rules in LightSwitch Business Applications
  11. Even more Friday links from JD Meier

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