Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, November 9th

  1. Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Project Backward Compatibility (Round-Tripping)
  2. .NET Zone: Code Snippets in Visual Studio 2010
  3. Mickey Gousset: Branch by Quality using Team Foundation Server 2010 (Part 1) and (Part 2)
  4. HTML5 Offline Applications: ‘Donut Hole’ Caching
  5. Warning when creating a Silverlight and XNA Application project in Windows Phone SDK 7.1
  6. Windows Phone 7 Training: Silverlight for Windows Phone
  7. Eric Lippert: Breaking changes and named arguments
  8. Aaron Bjork: Agile Tip #9 – Motivation 2.0 (RSA Animate videos are a personal favorite)
  9. Carl Nolan: F# Parallel Execution and FutureTask
  10. DevConnections 2011 recap by Silverlight MVP Brian Noyes
  11. Parallel Programming in Native Code: Transitive Closure Sample in C++ AMP

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