Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, November 4th

  1. From the LightSwitch Help blog  Connecting To A .CSV or Excel File Directly with LightSwitch
  2. Insider: A Debugging Story, Visual Studio Magazine - Practical .NET
  3. Heath Stewart: 64-bit Managed Custom Actions with Visual Studio
  4. New Fix for Licensing and Activation Issues with Expression Web 4
  5. In the land of the rising sun – [Team Foundation Server] Integration Tools
  6. New on Channel 9: Announcing Python Tools for Visual Studio 1.1 Alpha
  7. Matt Ballantine: It’s all about the Apps
  8. Raymond Chen: How do I generate a unique 32-bit value for a time zone?
  9. Windows Phone 7.5 - Programmatically use the phone camera
  10. Michael Aspengren: How to create a StackOverflowException and how to figure out where it is happening

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