Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, October 28th

  1. Authorization in Silverlight, part 3: Securing your service calls a SilverlightShow article by Kevin Dockx
  2. New from Jon Galloway: Using Node.js in an ASP.NET MVC application with iisnode
  3. Embrace Authorship - The importance of rel=me and rel=author on your content's SEO and Google - Scott Hanselman
  4. Motivating an Agile Team - Inside Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Magazine
  5. IBM Rational to Team Foundation Server Integration Tools - Training and Exploration Sandbox
  6. The basics explained - Coded UI Test Extension for 3rd party controls
  7. How to… Even more Coded UI Test Extension for 3rd party Windows Forms controls
  8. Chuck England on Splitting Large Solutions in Visual Studio
  9. Visual Studio Tricks - TechEd DEV315 [Visual Studio] Tricks - Outlining
  10. Kinect hack: Beer, banking and body language - All on Kinect

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  1. Very usefull ! Thanks !

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