Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, October 21st

  1. InfoWorld: Developer preview, the flagship Microsoft IDE promises a better UI, code review, and HTML5 support
  2. Video: Protect My Applications with Tamper Defense and Notification in Visual Studio 2010
  3. Control Your Xbox with your Windows Phone Using the Xbox Companion App
  4. Authorization in Silverlight, Part 2: manipulating the UI by Kevin Dockx
  5. From Willy-P Schaub: [Team Foundation Server] Integration Tools – Can I migrate all work items from one team project collection to another?
  6. Some Bumps in the Separation of Entity Framework and .NET Framework
  7. An update on Visual Studio performance
  8. Facilitating SOA: Practical .NET - Insider
  9. Microsoft's Roslyn: Reinventing the compiler as we know it
  10. Open up the Visual Basic and C# compilers as APIs

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