Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, October 12th

  1. ASP.NET website redesign beta: What's changed, why, and how you can make it better
  2. New SilverlightShow article: 10 Laps around Silverlight 5 (Part 1 of 10) by Michael Crump
  3. New post from the Visual Studio blog: Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Search Everywhere
  4. Taking a look at the HTML5 video use in the Bing video homepage
  5. Build a Better App: Get more details about Building Windows 8 --> Designing the Start screen
  6. Catching up on Visual Studio Tricks and Tips: Save time with Visual Studio 2010: Search from the command line
  7. Building Windows Phone apps with a 64-bit Build Agent from Team Foundation build
  8. More from Raymond Chen - Microspeak: Bug jail
  9. How to Create a RIA Service Wrapper for an Editable OData Source, LightSwitch Team Blog
  10. A closer look at the Screen Capture Utility in Expression Studio Ultimate

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