Top 10 Visual Studio Links for Thursday, October 6th

  1. Advanced LightSwitch: Writing Queries in LightSwitch Code
  2. New articles on async/await in MSDN Magazine
  3. Video: Did you know Visual Studio 2010 has IntelliSense and validation for HTML5?
  4. Webcast: Coding Faster - Getting More Productive with Microsoft Visual Studio
  5. MSDN Magazine: Securing Access to LightSwitch Applications
  6. A custom data diagnostic adapter for Visual Studio Coded UI Test using Windows PSR 
  7. Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser v4 provides a new way to explore 700 Microsoft code samples 
  8. Top Things to Consider When Troubleshooting Complex Application Issues
  9. Creating Custom Team Foundation Server Reports
  10. Try the full version of Visual Studio 2010 Professional for 90 days free

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