Top 10 Visual Studio Links for Wednesday, October 5th

  1. An update to the Visual Studio 2010 and MSDN Licensing White Paper is now available, which adds stuff like LightSwitch
  2. On Channel 9: GoingNative 2: C++ at BUILD, Windows Runtime Library (WRL)
  3. Catching up on Visual Studio Magazine: WPF and Inversion of Control
  4. Learn MVVM fundamentals by spending 5 minutes to build a simple Twitter app 
  5. Virtually attend the C++11 discussion panel discussion that was held at C++ and Beyond 2011
  6. From Visual Studio Magazine: Using the Form View with Any Data Collection
  7. Design. Code. Scale. Get started now with the Windows Azure Platform with this quick guide from Natasha Zaza
  8. Program Management - Thinking about PM != PM and the PM role in Microsoft from Willy-P Schaub (ALM Rangers)
  9. Raymond Chen on There's also a large object heap for unmanaged code, but it's inside the regular heap
  10. A very cool extension for Source Control Explorer that adds handy functionality from within the IDE

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Comments (1)

  1. Dylan Smith says:

    The link to the whitepaper appears to link to the version from Aug 5th, which I don't believe included the LightSwitch details (the Aug 5th update was the SQL 2008 R2 license exemption I think).

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