Top 10 Visual Studio Links for Thursday, September 29th

  1. Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Now Available! - read about it from the Windows Phone Developer's Blog
  2. Developers get MORE with Windows Phone 7.5
  3. Watch the inaugural video blog post of OnWard and UpWard from the Visual Studio Magazine
  4. More from the Visual Studio Blog: Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Quick Launch
  5. Visual Studio Tips & Tricks, Visual Basic (VB) Call Hierarchy - Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview
  6. Catching up on LightSwitch Help - Scrolling Through Records With Custom Previous And Next Buttons
  7. How to Submit Windows Phone 7.5 Apps today; Update 7.0 Apps in Oct - Catching up on the Windows Phone Developer Blog
  8. An oldie but a goodie: A Random Walk Through the LightSwitch Data Model
  9. FREE Web Workshops on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 ALM tools by Imaginet
  10. A First look at Windows Simulator from the Visual Studio Blog

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