Top 10 Visual Studio Links for Thursday, September 22nd

  1. Channel 9 brings you Visual Studio Toolbox: Power Commands for Visual Studio 2010 with Robert Green
  2. Webcast series Part 1 - Getting Agile with Testing - Did you miss it? See the recording.
  3. See the SilverlightShow article Windows Phone 7 Data Access Strategies: Security by Andrea Boschin (@aboschin)
  4. Becoming Agile, part of the Visual Studio 2010 Featured Book series on MSDN Library
  5. Read Beth Massi’s post Visual Studio LightSwitch at Code Camps - a community event where developers learn from fellow developers
  6. As seen in the Visual Studio Gallery: TFS Branched History from maxmiracle (Infotecs) - View changeset history in different branches
  7. From the BlendInsider blog, read their latest post: Blend for HTML: Tell Us What You Think!
  8. Combine a work trip with vacation: Convince your boss to let you attend the Australian Application Lifecycle Management Conference Sydney, November 8th and 9th
  9. From MSDN Magazine: Visual Studio ALM Rangers—Reflections on Virtual Teams
  10. Learning Visual Studio - Helpful resources to build your skills with Visual Studio, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro

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