Visual Studio Theme for Windows 7 with Support for Widescreen and Portrait

Based on feedback and my own need for a theme that'll work for a widscreen and a portrait-oriented monitor, I created another theme. This one is a bit larger to work with a wider variety of resolutions. It also includes 6 more backgrounds. I also changed the default picture position to Center.

Visual Studio Theme

As before, I wasn't able to host a .themepack file directly on this Web server, so it's in a ZIP.


Comments (6)

  1. Wojciech says:


    When I had Windows XP, my theme was being Visual Studio 2005. Now I've gotta Windows 7, and I'm very happy. Thank you very much again!

  2. Pieter Jelle de Vries says:

    Can't seem to download the file, something wrong?

  3. RobCaron says:

    @Pieter – download fixed – it's now an attachment on this post.

  4. Rspaulino says:

    can u update it to match the visual studio 2012 style and compatible for windows 8/RT/PRO?

  5. Ray says:

    I can't import those setting to VB … It say that this file isn't have vsetinngs format …

  6. RobCaron says:

    @Ray – it's just a Windows Desktop theme, not Visual Studio settings.

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