Visual Studio Theme for Windows 7 with Support for Widescreen and Portrait

Based on feedback and my own need for a theme that’ll work for a widscreen and a portrait-oriented monitor, I created another theme. This one is a bit larger to work with a wider variety of resolutions. It also includes 6 more backgrounds. I also changed the default picture position to Center. As before, I…


Visual Studio 2010 Trials, Express and .NET Framework 4 Download Links

UPDATE [04 OCT 2013] – Removed the links because 2010 trials are no longer available.  To put these all in one place, here are the links to the Visual Studio 2010 trial editions and .NET Framework 4 downloads on the Microsoft Download Center. .NET Framework 4 See: .net Downloads .NET Framework 4 – Web Install .NET…


My Visual Studio Theme for Windows 7

This is a simple Visual Studio theme I put together for Windows 7 on my laptop. Enjoy! Okay, I think this should be working now. I wasn’t able to host a .themepack file directly on this Web server, so it’s in a ZIP. Unfortunately, I’m unable to update the link that I had originally…


Now Available: Visual Studio 2010 Keybinding Reference Cards

Keybinding reference cards are now available for the following languages in Visual Studio 2010: Visual Basic Visual C++ Visual C# Visual F# You can download them from here: Visual Studio 2010 Keybinding Cards. 1377


The Fastest Way to Upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 Professional

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional will launch on April 12, but you can beat the rush and secure your upgrade today by pre-ordering at the affordable estimated retail price of $549, which is a savings of $250 off the full price of $799. As announced on Soma’s blog, New Offers for Visual Studio 2010, Visual…